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VAR/Business Partner

Core competencies: Power Systems, Software, Services: Business Social, Email Collaboration, Business Analytics, Financing, (Click logo to view our IBM Showcase)

Var/Channel Partner

Core competencies: Systems Integration to include: desktops, laptops, workstations, and servers. Mobility products and solutions. (Click logo to view our Lenovo Showcase)

VAR/Channel Partner

Core competencies: Storage, asset management, high-performance computing and networking. (Click logo to view our Quantum Showcase)

VAR/Channel Partner

Core competencies: Server technology, operating systems, productivity software & collaboration. (Click logo to view our Microsoft Showcase)

VAR/Channel Partner

Core competencies: Endpoint Services, Data Center and Visualization Services, Routing Services and Unified Communication Services.


Core competencies: Endpoint, Gateway and Mobility security solutions. (Click logo to visit our Symantec Showcase)

VAR/Channel Partner

Core competencies: Personal Systems, Server Technologies, IT Support and Life-cycle services, End User Support. (Click logo to view our Dell Showcase)

VAR/Channel Partner

Core competencies: Data storage solutions to include: Network Attached Storage, High performance computing and Surveillance systems.

VAR/Channel Partner

Distribution Vendor. Providing partner line card support that reaches and serves our entire customer base.

About Us

St. Louis, MO. | Chicago, IL. | Dallas, TX.
Digital. Social. Analytic. Cloud. Mobile. Security. Storage.

Our focus is process oriented. Our goal is to prevent issues by being proactive. To distribute solutions that have been properly sourced, then integrated across your entire organization with strong business accountability. Our team is customer centric and service oriented. We’ve combined broad imagery, smart business partnerships and local presence. This enables SysCorp to offer professional, dedicated, consultancy to organizations looking to use technology to improve in the areas of digital communication & business social, cloud services & big data, storage & security. We take advantage of our business partners’ best practices, comprehensive training and skillful guidance, because they're armed with deep industry knowledge, combined with decades of expertise, in support of our efforts to provide your organization with dedicated business and technology service oriented solutions. Secondly, our Customer Effective Response Framework or (CERF) aides in enhancing our approach to customer support. Finally, we are proud of our OneSource Partner Distribution Network or (OPDN) offered via our dedicated e-commerce platform. SysCorp continues to expand by creating intelligent partnerships with Internet service providers, software developers, original equipment manufacturers, distributors and other premier value added resellers.

  • Business Social & Mobile

    Compentency: Advanced

  • Cloud Technology

    Competency: Expert

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

    Competency: Expert

  • Security & Storage

    Competency: Specialist Expert

Advisory & Leadership

"Striving to learn from successes and failures."
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J. Tatum

General Advisory
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A. Edwards

Special Advisory
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A. Garland

Special Advisory
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DL Turner

Founder & CEO
I create the business strategy, strategic plan, operating plan; organization plan and profit-growth strategies. I am responsible for the overall relationship between SysCorp and our Key Business Partner Groups.


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