We help businesses use technology to manage and support their cloud, storage & security landscapes.

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Focus: Systems, software, services, cloud, social & analytics

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Strategic Partner

Focus: Enterprise systems, big data, storage, laptops, notebooks, tablets

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Strategic Partner

Focus: Cloud technology, productivity software, CRM

Strategic Partner

Focus: Security, storage and archive technology

Channel Partner

Focus: Conferencing technology, wired/wireless technology & security

Channel Partner

Focus: Data storage technology, archiving technology and personal data storage

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Channel Partner

Focus: Data storage, data security, security software & security hardware

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About Us

Main Offices - Downtown Chicago, IL.
IT Professional Services & Consultancy

We’ve combined broad imagery, smart business partnerships and local presence. This enables SysCorp to offer professional, dedicated, consultancy to organizations looking to use technology to manage and support their cloud, storage, and security landscapes. Our focus is process oriented. We are customer centric and service driven. We take advantage of our business partners’ best practices, comprehensive training and skillful guidance. Our business partners are well armed with deep industry knowledge, proven methodologies and decades of expertise. This dynamic business partner model supports our efforts to provide your organization with advanced, comprehensive business and technology services. Secondly, our Customer Effective Response Framework or (CERF) aides in enhancing our approach to customer support. Finally, SysCorp continues to expand by creating strong partnerships within the business and technology communities.

  • Effectively Connect, Learn, Share & Grow.

  • Advanced Data Generated Processes

  • Predicted Growth Deployment Solutions

  • Aggressive DataProtect Strategies

Advisory & Leadership

"Striving to learn from successes and failures."

DL Turner

Founder & CEO
DL is responsible for creating the firm’s business strategy, strategic plan, operational plan; organization plan and profit and growth strategies. He is responsible for the overall relationship between SysCorp and it’s Key Business Partner Groups which consist of: IBM, Symantec, Cisco; Microsoft, Dell TechData and Synnex.

James Tatum

Sr. Advisor
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