Going Live! SysCorp Launches New Site.

For Immediate Release –
St. Louis, Missouri, St. Charles, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas

SysCorp Worldwide LLC today announced that they have re-launched syscorp.net, the parent site of the firm. The site completed a slight re-tooling to further align itself with IBM’s syndicated marketing business partner program, managed by SharedVue. The firm also installed a new e-commerce platform, CompuMax Store, powered by Techdata. Upon approval, customers have premium discounted access to over 500,000 aggregated products from SysCorp’s full partner line card.

“Our new site is a Responsive, full page Website. We leveraged WordPress technology, then stacked it on top of our database and server. Our site visitors and customers can now engage, decide and take action in a robust, streamlined, easy to navigate process. As a result of Responsive technology, our Website is fully viewable on desktops and all mobile devices including smartphones. With more and more professionals conducting day to day business via their smartphones and tablets, it is imperative that businesses large and small provide the visitor or customer with an immediate, logical and easy to navigate Website that does not impair the research or purchase experience.” Said Kacy Littleton-Smith, SysCorp’s Client Business Unit Executive.

The firm intends to add more Partner Learning Libraries for it’s visitors and customers, enabling them to navigate on one site instead of transitioning to multiple sites, which can be exhausting when there is limited time to conduct research on a product or service.

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